Career Tools

When might you need a career-oriented toolkit?

Today, it is not uncommon for people to move between jobs and even to switch careers several times in a lifetime. While many numbers are bandied about, a McCrindle Research blog on job mobility cites Australian Department of Employment figures claiming the average job lasts three years and four months and that today, people can expect to change careers some five times in a lifetime. That would seem to be much more often than in the past.

The reasons can be many.

Perhaps we aspire to a promotion or other advancement. Perhaps to a change of scenery or a different climate. Maybe we want to take more or less risk, or we simply have an as yet unidentified, unexplainable, but persistent longing to do something else. Then of course, some are forced by circumstance to seek alternative employment.

In any such situation, across the course of a working lifetime, possessing a concise, professional, accessible personal library of career-oriented documents or tools, will contribute usefully to career strategy, standing us in good stead as we navigate potential and actual career changes.