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General advice to smarten up your CV and resume

Keep your CV ready to use

It is generally wise to have a current CV and resume ready at all times, as you never know when you may need it.

The internet is awash with CV and resume guides and templates, but if we can safely state anything, it is that there is no single reliable one-size-fits-all rule to structuring and formatting your CV or resume.

Conventions vary from country to country, field to field, and employer to employer.

CV update checklist

The following principles cut across many...(continued)

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What do I need: a CV or resume?

Definitions: CV or resume?

While the terms curriculum vitae (CV) and resum (also spelled rsum and resume) often seem to be used interchangeably, there are important differences to recognise in particular settings.

A resume is a personal credential, taking in professional skills and experience with a summary statement or two differentiating you from your competitors.

A curriculum vitae (plural: curricula vitae) translates literally from Latin as course of life and takes the addition of...(continued)

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Common CV and resume faults and fixes

Common CV problems and fixes

Your CV or resume is unlikely to be as unhelpful as many of these, but just in case, here are some of the common faults employers and recruiters find with curricula vitae and resumes they see:

  1. Significant gaps in time without comment. Potential employers might wonder where were you and what were you doing. Were you in jail or travelling in Tibet or somewhere else? Some readers will default to the negative thinking that if you didn't explain a gap, it's because...(continued)

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Perspectives on the value of CVs and resumes

First, the bad news

First, the bad news about CVs and resumes: it is at least partly true to say that the overarching purpose of the curriculum vitae (CV) and resume is to help employers and recruiters efficiently cull or screen out large numbers of unwanted applicants.

It is also true that today employers and recruiters can quickly and easily find out about you, by simply searching your name on the internet.

All this certainly puts some caveats on the value of your CV and resume.

Do I...(continued)

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