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Job search and career development strategy

Finding your strategy

Once you have decided the career you would like to have, or at least the next goal area you would like to work in, if that is as far as you can see at the present, you will be eager to think through and assess some strategic approaches.

Strategy can be in some ways synonymous with methodology because strategy involves deciding on the kinds of activities or methods you will enlist to achieve your goal.

Many people think that simply keeping an eye out for advertised...(continued)

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Flame and wax

Benefits in personal diagnostic testing

The value in personal diagnostic exercises and activities is usually not that you may experience a major epiphany (you likely will not), but often simply in articulating something about yourself, your goals or desires, etc., that on later reflection you realise you knew at some level all along. Such exercises can help make something stand out in clear relief against the potentially complex and messy background of your life. Indirect benefits of...(continued)

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On changing careers

Managing your pace of change

If you are changing career, as opposed to merely progressing in a continuing career, Bolles offers sound advice (2013: 176-8). We have shortened and adapted some of it below:

  1. Research a career before choosing it. Meet and talk with people already working in the field you're considering.
  2. Take more time, rather than less, to consider and make better decisions about your options and potential new directions.
  3. As much as you can, enjoy the searching process, using...(continued)

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