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Using LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn

Your profile is the most important part of your social networking and should be central to your strategy.* is one of the most useful social media tools for many business professionals. According to Frank (2015:202), a "comprehensive" 2014 Jobvite survey "showed that 93 per cent of employers and recruiters use LinkedIn to vet and search for candidates." The Schepps (2010:xiv) claim it is "the most important tool for business communications since e-mail."


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A simple social media strategy

Develop a simple social strategy

Try these four steps:

  1. Decide why you want to use social media and flowing from that, what you think you can achieve (i.e. develop specific goals) in using it.
  2. Review the options. Find sites that interest and make sense to you, given your goals.
  3. Set up your access to the site so you can bookmark and blog, etc., easily.
  4. Start contributing.

Bettison* suggests giving yourself a series of tasks to complete, week by week, starting with researching the social media...(continued)

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Social media for academics

Academics do it too

Remember, lists from non-current sources are likely to suffer link rot. While the following links were live at the time of writing, we take no responsibility for their ongoing viability, content, currency or relevance.

The best ways to find out if a site might suit you, include first visiting and taking a look around a site. If you think you might be interested, run a search or two to find out what others are saying.

Some of the key social media sites for academics...(continued)

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Industry and professional associations, groups and peak bodies

Staff in university faculties and schools

Do not underestimate the value of connecting with your lecturers and tutors. University staff often have strong and close ties to their respective relevant professions, and may be more willing to assist postgraduates than undergraduates, partly because of the more manageable numbers.

Further, if you would like your own career to advance further in an academic way, then understanding everything you can about how higher education, institutions,...(continued)

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Doing it

Getting started networking

Once you're comfortable with the idea of networking, you can more easily begin considering how to go about doing it.

Of course, networking can usefully occur in almost any setting, including online by social media and remotely by video, telephone or email, but almost without doubt, the most valuable form of networking, takes place in-person. While contexts vary, there remains no better way to get to know a person, than by meeting face-to-face.

Effective networking...(continued)

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