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Your responses to job interview questions

How to answer the most common interview questions

Some interview questions may seem illogical or even silly to you, but pointing that out during an interview will almost certainly be self-defeating.

Prepare positive, sensible responses to the following common questions:

1. Why are you the best candidate for this position?

Granted, you can't compare yourself to an unknown field, so the question is in a sense impossible to answer adequately, in which case, you are best advised to answer...(continued)

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A personal presentation checklist

Put your best self forward

Employers know that you will never be more on your best behaviour than in the job interview. They will think, "If you're less than sharp in the interview, what will you be like on the job?"

  1. Present yourself well in every way you can. Do your best to look good, sound good and feel good. To the extent you can control it, eat and sleep well in the days before your interview.
  2. Exercise on the day of your interview to release endorphins and other natural physical...(continued)

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Some useful interview links

Corporate consulting recruitment

See Richard Nelson Bolles's Two Minute Crash Course in Interviews.

Some corporations, and notably the big corporate management consultancies, offer useful advice about how they hire graduating students.

As well as offering a mechanism for students to apply for jobs, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) offers help to prospective candidate interviewees, including interview process tips and interactive practice cases.

Advice offered at general sites such...(continued)

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More interview resources

Check out some videos on interviewing

See this Slideshare YouTube video on How to Pass Telephone Interviews (39 minutes).

Antony Stagg's YouTube videos are only six or seven minutes long each, and they offer intelligent, but simple, structured mechanisms to help you focus and better answer some of the most common questions, including:

Please tell me about yourself

Why should we hire you?

Where do you see yourself in Five Years Time?

More information

Verity, Judith."Psychometric...(continued)

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Five benefits of asking your own questions

Don't let them be the only ones asking questions

The idea of the candidate asking questions in a job interview doesn't sit easily with everyone. And certainly it is best done thoughtfully and care.

Done well however, asking your own questions in interview offers significant benefits, including:

  1. Allowing you to find out more about the organisation and position (is it really where you want to or ought to work?)
  2. Improve interviewers' perceptions of your knowledge and interest (as long as...(continued)

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Interview body language

Make sure your body language sends the right message

Making sure your body language is appropriate is not complicated, but may require effort and practice on your part, if you have bad habits to overcome.

Practice enough to make any new behaviours seem completely natural.

At the very least:

  1. Give all interviewers eye contact, in a relaxed and confident way if you can, especially in the first moments of meeting. Maintain eye contact as comfortably as you can thereafter.
  2. Smile in a natural...(continued)

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Six interview tips

What about my tattoos? (and other random interview tips)

  1. Some experts advise having your printed CV with you in the interview so you can refer to relevant parts of it, in your answers and comments.The success of this advice is likely to be contextual and ought not be an excuse not to do your best to pre-think about how you will respond in interview.
  2. Refer to current news or industry knowledge.
  3. Don't bother referring to everything you have planned. Some content will become irrelevant in...(continued)

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Information gathering interviews

Is this the best kept job search secret?

Many people baulk at the idea of interviewing potential employers, but done well, it is one of the most effective and proactive ways to enhance your job search.

Information gathering interviews are not intended to help you immediately win work. Rather, as the name suggests, the intention is to help you find out things you don't already know about career possibilities in your chosen industry, domain, field, employer, organisation or market.


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