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Potentially professionally useful social links

Remember, lists from non-current sources are likely to suffer link rot. While the following links were live at the time of writing, we take no responsibility for their ongoing viability, content, currency or relevance.

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Some useful interview links

Corporate consulting recruitment

See Richard Nelson Bolles's Two Minute Crash Course in Interviews.

Some corporations, and notably the big corporate management consultancies, offer useful advice about how they hire graduating students.

As well as offering a mechanism for students to apply for jobs, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) offers help to prospective candidate interviewees, including interview process tips and interactive practice cases.

Advice offered at general sites such...(continued)

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Miscellaneous career links and references

University careers information

The following is a brief, potted list of further sites and links you may find useful. (Links were valid at time of writing, but no responsibility is taken for links that break, over time.)

While most Universities offer some level of online support for postgraduate job seekers, many of these (including this one) are only accessible to currently enrolled students.

The University of Sydney Careers Centre site is open to all.

This UTS guide to career planning...(continued)

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