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What kind of connector are you?

How connected are you and do you want to be?

The internet is doing much to democratise and spread freely, information tools enabling a massively increasing number of people to connect and communicate. Regardless of the availability and touted benefits however, we don't all have the same appetite, aptitude or resources for social networking.

Iggy Pintado was a senior marketing manager at IBM, riding the initial waves of the internet from the early 1990s to the early 2000s. He identifies...(continued)

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My networking strategy

My networking strategy template

The following activities will form the basis of my networking strategy.

In the next <insert period of time> I will:

1. Research, arrange and attend information gathering interviews with:

  • Name, position, organisation, my goal, by date
  • Name, position, organisation, my goal, by date
  • Name, position, organisation, my goal, by date

2. Investigate and activate involvement in the following academic fora:

  • Forum, date, location, resources or requirement
  • Forum,...(continued)

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Two ideas about technology

Yes, SMS and video calls are okay

  1. Remember SMS. It can be a tremendously helpful networking tool, used in the right way. It has the power to be brief, fast and accurate. Use it to stay in touch, offer help, ask questions and seek advice.
  2. Most people know there is nothing quite like face-to-face contact, but it's not always possible. If you are keen to connect and network with people beyond your current physical reach, phone and video calls can be highly effective communication channels....(continued)

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Five key networking skills

Networking and interpersonal skills

  1. Be prepared to listen and learn from others, as well as to contribute interestingly to conversations.
  2. Being positive and respectful is a safer bet and more winsome than being critical of everyone and everything.
  3. Before attending a networking event, think about what questions you might (or might not) ask in a more interesting way than the usual, "What do you do?". Even if you start with a pedestrian question, you can use it to spring to something more...(continued)

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Industry and professional associations, groups and peak bodies

Staff in university faculties and schools

Do not underestimate the value of connecting with your lecturers and tutors. University staff often have strong and close ties to their respective relevant professions, and may be more willing to assist postgraduates than undergraduates, partly because of the more manageable numbers.

Further, if you would like your own career to advance further in an academic way, then understanding everything you can about how higher education, institutions,...(continued)

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Doing it

Getting started networking

Once you're comfortable with the idea of networking, you can more easily begin considering how to go about doing it.

Of course, networking can usefully occur in almost any setting, including online by social media and remotely by video, telephone or email, but almost without doubt, the most valuable form of networking, takes place in-person. While contexts vary, there remains no better way to get to know a person, than by meeting face-to-face.

Effective networking...(continued)

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Getting ready to start networking

Plan, then do

To maximise potential opportunities, it will help to take a methodical approach and to plan your networking, at least a little, before you start contacting people in your network.

While effective, sustainable networking usually benefits from this forethought and planning, it can also start easily and quickly in chats with friends, family and other personal acquaintances who might offer useful ideas and insights about entry points to a particular area of work or career.


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