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Getting ready to start networking

Plan, then do

To maximise potential opportunities, it will help to take a methodical approach and to plan your networking, at least a little, before you start contacting people in your network.

While effective, sustainable networking usually benefits from this forethought and planning, it can also start easily and quickly in chats with friends, family and other personal acquaintances who might offer useful ideas and insights about entry points to a particular area of work or career.


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Your responses to job interview questions

How to answer the most common interview questions

Some interview questions may seem illogical or even silly to you, but pointing that out during an interview will almost certainly be self-defeating.

Prepare positive, sensible responses to the following common questions:

1. Why are you the best candidate for this position?

Granted, you can't compare yourself to an unknown field, so the question is in a sense impossible to answer adequately, in which case, you are best advised to answer...(continued)

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Five areas of interview preparation

Regardless of the interview style

Employers use several styles of job interview, often purposed to achieve different outcomes. Sometimes interviews are casual, conversational and relatively unstructured. At other times they are highly formal, framed and rigorous.

Regardless of the style of interview, your preparation before any interview should cover at least five areas:

  1. Find out as much as you usefully can about the potential employer. Start on the web, with a general search, proceeding...(continued)

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