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Twitter for pros

Even though Twitter is for micro-blogging, you can cover a surprising amount of ground in 140 characters or less, including by linking out to other sites.

Possibly useful Twitter actions:

  1. Populate your background data relating to your career. Bolles (2013:157) suggests you "tastefully, professionally " convey your out of work status [the 2013 edition suggests a link, which is now broken].
  2. Post your Twitter bio. Bolles suggests linking to an online resume. 
  3. Post an...(continued)

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Aligning your online and professional profiles

Conducting your online audit

  1. Log out of your computer or device, so Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever search engine you choose doesn't personalise your search results based on your history of internet use.
  2. Type in and search your own name.
  3. Review the content and ask:

  • Does it reflect your desired professional image?
  • Do your online search results align with who you say you are on your resume?
  • What adjectives would you like prospective employers to think of when they think of you? Do your search...(continued)

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