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Working out your professional self

Here are a few more questions about your professional self for you to consider:

What five adjectives would you choose and like others to choose to describe you, as a professional?


What will you do more of to become or improve the above qualities in your life?

What will you do less of to become or improve the above qualities in your life?

With respect to your professional self, what is the relationship, if any, between doing...(continued)

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Five key networking skills

Networking and interpersonal skills

  1. Be prepared to listen and learn from others, as well as to contribute interestingly to conversations.
  2. Being positive and respectful is a safer bet and more winsome than being critical of everyone and everything.
  3. Before attending a networking event, think about what questions you might (or might not) ask in a more interesting way than the usual, "What do you do?". Even if you start with a pedestrian question, you can use it to spring to something more...(continued)

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Your responses to job interview questions

How to answer the most common interview questions

Some interview questions may seem illogical or even silly to you, but pointing that out during an interview will almost certainly be self-defeating.

Prepare positive, sensible responses to the following common questions:

1. Why are you the best candidate for this position?

Granted, you can't compare yourself to an unknown field, so the question is in a sense impossible to answer adequately, in which case, you are best advised to answer...(continued)

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Five benefits of asking your own questions

Don't let them be the only ones asking questions

The idea of the candidate asking questions in a job interview doesn't sit easily with everyone. And certainly it is best done thoughtfully and care.

Done well however, asking your own questions in interview offers significant benefits, including:

  1. Allowing you to find out more about the organisation and position (is it really where you want to or ought to work?)
  2. Improve interviewers' perceptions of your knowledge and interest (as long as...(continued)

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