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Try these links and find your own

Following are links to a small selection of jobs boards and pages listing jobs boards. Please note that while these links were accurate at time of posting, it is commonplace for jobs boards to come in and out of existence. With minimal searching you will find your own sources.

The University of Sydney's Careers Centre offers a reasonably lengthy list of links to general and industry-specific job boards here.

The focuses of Graduate Careers and Graduate...(continued)

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Job boards and recruiters

Internet job boards

In the past, employment agencies physically located job boards typically and literally on their agency walls, with hundreds of jobs pinned to them. The major job boards now reside on the internet, and as in the past, they perform useful functions, even though many more candidates visit them than will ever get a job by doing so.

As their primary effect is to attract and provide candidates in numbers for culling, the primary benefit is to recruiters. Regardless, candidates...(continued)

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