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Flame and wax

Benefits in personal diagnostic testing

The value in personal diagnostic exercises and activities is usually not that you may experience a major epiphany (you likely will not), but often simply in articulating something about yourself, your goals or desires, etc., that on later reflection you realise you knew at some level all along. Such exercises can help make something stand out in clear relief against the potentially complex and messy background of your life. Indirect benefits of...(continued)

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Do you feel intimidated?

Some potentially intimidating facts

First, a couple of potentially intimidating facts. For some jobs, employers receive hundreds, even thousands of applications (including annual graduate intakes of sought-after corporations, government agencies and other popular organisations). The number of followers of some job search Twitter handles, runs into the tens and even hundreds of thousands. While it would seem a fair hope to work in a job related to your research discipline and qualification,...(continued)

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