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Twitter for pros

Even though Twitter is for micro-blogging, you can cover a surprising amount of ground in 140 characters or less, including by linking out to other sites.

Possibly useful Twitter actions:

  1. Populate your background data relating to your career. Bolles (2013:157) suggests you "tastefully, professionally " convey your out of work status [the 2013 edition suggests a link, which is now broken].
  2. Post your Twitter bio. Bolles suggests linking to an online resume. 
  3. Post an...(continued)

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Using LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn

Your profile is the most important part of your social networking and should be central to your strategy.* is one of the most useful social media tools for many business professionals. According to Frank (2015:202), a "comprehensive" 2014 Jobvite survey "showed that 93 per cent of employers and recruiters use LinkedIn to vet and search for candidates." The Schepps (2010:xiv) claim it is "the most important tool for business communications since e-mail."


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Aligning your online and professional profiles

Conducting your online audit

  1. Log out of your computer or device, so Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever search engine you choose doesn't personalise your search results based on your history of internet use.
  2. Type in and search your own name.
  3. Review the content and ask:

  • Does it reflect your desired professional image?
  • Do your online search results align with who you say you are on your resume?
  • What adjectives would you like prospective employers to think of when they think of you? Do your search...(continued)

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Taming the beast

What if I need out?

For some people, social media becomes an addiction. Like the Eagles' 70s hit, "Hotel California", they can check out any time they like, but they can never leave. If you feel like social media is taking over your life, there are ways out.

It is illegal in most national jurisdictions for social media sites to hold your personal data without your permission, however, sometimes it can be difficult having material about you removed from the Internet.


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A simple social media strategy

Develop a simple social strategy

Try these four steps:

  1. Decide why you want to use social media and flowing from that, what you think you can achieve (i.e. develop specific goals) in using it.
  2. Review the options. Find sites that interest and make sense to you, given your goals.
  3. Set up your access to the site so you can bookmark and blog, etc., easily.
  4. Start contributing.

Bettison* suggests giving yourself a series of tasks to complete, week by week, starting with researching the social media...(continued)

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Social bookmarking strategy

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is much more than a way to store your internet browser bookmarks. It's about sharing your interests and promoting your content and knowledge on the internet.

Be mindful that this is a rapidly changing area of the internet in which successful business models are not always grasped by the entrepreneurs who start sites. Several of the early sites no longer exist, including Gnolia, Mixx and Furl. Worse, Gnolia lost all its member data in a January...(continued)

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Social media for academics

Academics do it too

Remember, lists from non-current sources are likely to suffer link rot. While the following links were live at the time of writing, we take no responsibility for their ongoing viability, content, currency or relevance.

The best ways to find out if a site might suit you, include first visiting and taking a look around a site. If you think you might be interested, run a search or two to find out what others are saying.

Some of the key social media sites for academics...(continued)

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Popular aggregator and link builder sites

Potentially professionally useful social links

Remember, lists from non-current sources are likely to suffer link rot. While the following links were live at the time of writing, we take no responsibility for their ongoing viability, content, currency or relevance.

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Facebook? Really?

Using Facebook professionally (really) is more than the world's biggest social network. It also offers pages that can be useful not only for friendship and acquaintance, but for professionals and job hunters to interact, including and

Facebook allows you to find friends and make contacts by searching for classmates and coworkers as well as by using simple name searches. This means that the more information you supply to...(continued)

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What kind of connector are you?

How connected are you and do you want to be?

The internet is doing much to democratise and spread freely, information tools enabling a massively increasing number of people to connect and communicate. Regardless of the availability and touted benefits however, we don't all have the same appetite, aptitude or resources for social networking.

Iggy Pintado was a senior marketing manager at IBM, riding the initial waves of the internet from the early 1990s to the early 2000s. He identifies...(continued)

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Aspects of your online strategy

Pass your online strategy through this filter

Major aspects of your online profile strategy will include:

  1. Identifying specific online sites, forums and tools that will together and progressively constitute and distribute your profile.
  2. Your own approach to managing your profile online, including how much time you might need to commit and when, and a general style guide or personal-professional ethos that suits your career aspirations.
  3. Detailed understanding of how or ability to actually...(continued)

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To be or not to be?

More on your professional social media rationale

Connection is not about technology. It's about people.

In conversation with Iggy Pintado (2011), author of Connection Generation (2009).

We live in times when meaningful involvement in social media is very likely to lead to useful career connections, relationships and developments, over time.

Social networking can potentially help you reach more people, more quickly, more accurately, regardless of location, than any other tool at any other...(continued)

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