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Keeping yourself up-to-date

Keeping yourself agile and up to date

Managing your career well begins long before you want to change your job or career. Derek Rowntree presents some 20 checklists grouped under six areas of career management: planning your career, your job, your manager, your competencies, staying current and your ethics.

Given you are pursuing higher education, you are already doing something useful to ensure your skills are relevant to ongoing changes in your industry and field, but this is likely...(continued)

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Positioning to be professionally in-demand

Position, position, position

Some people think it's only luck that sees any person arrive at a profitable position. Others think it's only hard work. It's usually a degree of both.

To succeed in any field, most rising professionals will at some point realise that the world is not simply waiting for them to arrive. The world was doing fine before you arrive and it will most likely get along without you just fine, after you are gone. Business is getting on with business. Aspiring professionals...(continued)

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